Nellen Dryden is a songwriter, singer, musician, writer and she-woman living in Middle Tennessee. 

At the end of 2021, Nellen released Standstill, an album recorded live to tape at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville. Her soulful, rock leaning record has since been lauded by tastemakers and music publications like The Boot, CMT, NPR and Songpickr, to name a few. 

The pandemic has certainly been a trying time for her and so many who felt their plans upended and interrupted. Nellen witnessed the closure of several small, local music venues that she had regularly performed at and experienced show cancellations over and over again. This coupled with the grief of the pandemic weighed heavy on her heart. She turned to writing songs and learning the piano, to try and keep her idle schedule filled with these healing practices. She also started taking space to write longer reflections and essays on her Substack here. These intermittent meditations and musical updates have become her preferred way of communicating show announcements and music happenings, and she thinks if you're wondering when new music will come out, you should sign up. 

As we all slowly start to come back to some semblance of life, post-pandemic, Nellen scrolls through her voice memos to find an album's worth of songs ready to be shared. She is now in the early stages of planning and hopes to bring her newfound love of piano playing to the fold, as well as a handful of tunes that comforted her and will hopefully comfort others as we wake up to a different world than the one before. 

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